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Our mission, our focus

Eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

We will achieve our vision

A world without Alzheimer’s.


Donor Listing.

James and Susannah Adelson Family Foundation Fund

Adizes Institute, LLC

Jack H. Allen, Jr.

Alliance Resource Partners

The Anschutz Family Foundation

Asphalt and Fuel Supply, LLC


Jo and Jack Babbitt

Keith E. Bailey

Baker Trucking, Inc.


Bank of America

Bank of Oklahoma

Barnett Family Foundation

Sharon and Mike Bartlett

Gary Bartlett

Edward E. and Helen Turner Bartlett Trust

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Sherry and William Beasley

Belfair of Shawnee

Bender Family Charitable Fund

Diana and Jim Benien

Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation

Toni and Roy Bliss

Charles and Cassandra Bowen Charitable Foundation

Brandt Commercial Properties, Inc.

Breeze Investments

James R. Brown Private Foundation

Mary Ann and John Bumgarner

Debbie and Chester Cadieux

Case and Associates

Central Liquor Company

Mary K. Chapman Foundation

Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Chickasaw Nation

Bryan Close

Commerce Bank

Community Health Charities of Oklahoma

Connie and Jeff Cope

Crossroads Hospice of Oklahoma City, LLC

D&L Oil Tools

Alice and Don Dahlgren


Devon Energy Corporation

Nanu and Fred Dorwart

Margo and Kent Dunbar

Margaret and Nicholas Duncan

Frank Eby

Edmond OU Medical Center

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Evans, II

Christy and James Everest

Express Employment Professionals

F&M Bank & Trust Company

Kitty and John Frame

Sharna and Irvin Frank Foundation

Fisher Silberg Group

Jaclyn Gawrych

E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation

Gelvin Foundation

GlobalHealth, Inc.

Mrs. Robert Gordon and Family

Grant Thornton LLP

Ann Graves

Hale Family Foundation

Hall Estill

Shiela and Ted Haynes

Fayenelle and Jay Helm

Helmerich & Payne, Inc.

David Hentschel

Heritage Trust Co.

Herman G. Kaiser Foundation

Hille Foundation

Cynthia and Ronald Hoffman

Florence and Gordon Holland Family Foundation

Burt Holmes

HUB International CFR

Hudiburg Auto Group


Fred Jones Family Foundation

George Kaiser Family Foundation

Kirkpatrick Foundation

Suzanne and Jim Kneale

Teresa L. Knox

Jackie Kouri and Gary Paxton

KSQ Architects, PC

David and Leslie Lawson Family Foundation

Marilyn and Larry Lee

Linn Energy

Mabrey Bank/Citizens Security Bank

Cinda and Mark Marra

Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma

Matrix Service Company

Patricia and Tom Maxwell

The Meinders Foundation

Mervin Bovaird Foundation

Julie and Sanjay Meshri

Midland Group

Lou and Connie Miller Charitable Foundation

Momentum Health, LLC


Charles Morgan

Carrie and David Murlette

Barbara and Thomas Naugle

Jerry Nichols

Jody Parker

Michael Peyton

Prairie Winds Alzheimer's Special Care Center

Pray Walker, P.C.

Prime Time, Inc.

QuikTrip Corporation

Denise and John Redmond

Saint Francis Health System

Saint Simeon's Foundation

Sarkeys Foundation

Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation

Senior Star Management Company

Slawson Exploration Company, Inc.

Sooner Beer Company

Starburst Foundation

Cathy and Todd Taylor

David and Cassie Temple Foundation

Jill and Robert Thomas

Susan and William Thomas

C.W. Titus Foundation

Unit Corporation

University of Tulsa

University Village

Ward Petroleum Corporation

The William K. Warren Foundation

Waters Charitable Foundation

JoAnn and Ed Webster

Kathleen Patton Westby Foundation

Clark Wigley

Paul R. Williams

The Williams Companies, Inc.

WPX Energy, Inc.

The Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation


Even more good news.

In 2013, Congress awarded Alzheimer’s research an additional $100 million + $22 million for Alzheimer’s care. This funding is a major advancement and it is our recent groundbreaking progress that will really drive our success in allocating funding where it is most needed.

Funding and support are the lifeblood of the Alzheimer’s Association research.


The strategic plan.

Five goals acting as the pillars of our strategic plan, which are all decidedly interdependent.

Increasing Concern and Awareness of the Disease and the Association

Advancing Advocacy

Enhancing Care and Support

Accelerating Research

Growing Revenue Support of the Mission


Click here to see our strategic plan in depth.

Increasing Concern and Awareness

Continue commitment to strengthen the momentum of the Alzheimer’s disease movement by increasing concern about Alzheimer’s disease; increasing unaided awareness of the Alzheimer’s Association in the Champions audience by 50 percent; and increasing constituent engagement through activities to support all strategic objectives.

How you can help:
Stay informed about the Alzheimer’s movement by regularly visiting #ENDALZ

Advancing Public Policy

Steadily increase the Association’s influence with policymakers to achieve effective implementation of the National Alzheimer’s Plan and established federal and state policy priorities. Accomplish this by executing strategies to develop knowledgeable, professional, productive relationships with state policymakers; mobilizing Alzheimer’s advocates in a comprehensive, coordinated and activist-oriented plan to engage their members of Congress; and through the political activities of a respected and growing sister organization, the Alzheimer’s Impact Movement.

How you can help:
Sign up to become an advocate at and take action when you receive your monthly Advocacy Updates.

Enhancing Care and Support

Increase the number of service contacts provided through quality measured Association programs and services directly delivered through chapters and the national organization through and the Contact Center by 50 percent. Conduct an assessment to identify appropriate standards and evidence-based programs to ensure delivery of quality care, including supportive and diagnostic services. The results of this assessment will lead to collaboration with others within the broader dementia related field to achieve outcomes.

How you can help:
Go to to find Education Programs and Support Groups that are available in your area.

If you are interested in volunteering to become a Support Group Facilitator or join the Speakers Team for Education Programs, email us at

Accelerating Research

Three-Year Strategic Objective: The Alzheimer’s Association continues to be the respected leader and largest non-profit funder in advancing international Alzheimer’s research. We are committed to maintaining our leadership role in convening, collaborating and coordinating to advance research and to playing a significant role in the direction and funding of research into the care, cure and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease through the expansion of private and public funding efforts, domestically and abroad.

Accelerate research funding through the Alzheimer’s International Research to $70 million by the final year of this plan, growing funding by $10 million in FY15, $20 million in FY16 and $40 million in FY17, through a nationwide campaign targeting the additional audience of research-interested donors who have not yet fully engaged with the Association, and by engaging chapters in research education and fundraising and support of local research projects approved by the Alzheimer’s Association Medical and Scientific Advisory Council.

How you can help:
Become an active part in ENDING Alzheimer’s by signing up for TrialMatch at:

Growing Revenue Support of the Mission

Three-Year Strategic Objective: Achieve significantly greater Association-wide mission impact by growing contributed revenue by an average of 8 percent per year and additional growth through the nationwide research campaign toward the five-year goal of doubling all Association revenue to $450 million by 2019, through the development of an Association-wide philanthropic culture (including boards, staff and volunteers at national and chapters) that fully embraces, prioritizes and invests in partnerships, fundraising and revenue growth priorities as essential keys to the success of the mission.

The organization will commit to working in partnership to rapidly accelerate revenue growth by an average of 8 percent each year through full implementation of the following priority activities.

  • 1. Invest new resources to significantly grow Walk to End Alzheimer's®, identify and begin to implement a new nationwide second signature event, expand planned giving marketing, launch nationwide research campaign and engage corporate relationships to support all appropriate activities.
  • 2. Fully implement major and intermediate giving program and corporate initiatives to realize full potential in all geographies and build pipeline for future growth.
  • 3. Sustain direct marketing, general development, relationship events and foundations revenue.
  • 4. Create and implement a set of organizational best practices to ensure growth of a philanthropic culture.

How you can help:
Making a donation in Memory or Honor of a loved one; you could even plan a future gift or bequest


Click here to see our financial statements and activities.

Statement of Financial Position - Year Ended June 30, 2014
Assets Total
Current Assets
Cash and Cash Equivalents $650,936
Accounts Receivable $50,273
Accounts Receivable – National Alzheimer’s Association $70,170
Pledges Receivable $865,830
Annuity Receivable – National Alzheimer’s Association -
Grants and Contracts Receivable $24,086
Prepaid Expenses $60,589
Investments $1,005,123
Total Current Assets $2,727,007
Property and Equipment, Net $40,520
Other Assets
Beneficial Interest in Assets Held by Community Foundations $19,946
Total Assets $2,787,473
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable $100,921
Deferred Liabilities $125,000
Accounts Payable – National Alzheimer’s Association $567,709
Accrued Liabilities $84,015
Unearned Income $2,250
Total Current Liabilities $879,895
Net Assets
Unrestricted $665,639
Temporarily Restricted $493,804
Permanently Restricted $748,135
Total Net Assets $1,907,578
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $2,787,473
Statement of Activities - Year Ended June 30 2014
Revenue Total
Contributions Gifts, Grants and Pledges (Includes unrestricted, temporarily restricted & permanently restricted)
Individuals $1,392,884
Special Fundraising Events $1,658,335
Organizations and Foundations $705,233
Total Contributions Raised by Chapter $3,756,452
Contributions Transferred from National Alzheimer’s Association $283,266
Contributions Transferred to National Alzheimer’s Association $1,183,035
Net Contributions, Gifts, Grants and Pledges $2,856,683
Federal and State Contracts $135,246
In-kind Contributions $15,519
Program Services and Education Programs $46,524
Investment Income $150,108
Fee for Service $1,936
Loss on Disposal of Assets $6,603
Sales $16
Miscellaneous $20,053
Net Assets Released from Restrictions -
Satisfaction of Program Restrictions
Total Revenue $3,219,482
Program Services
Family Services $705,054
Education $881,468
Public Policy $160,449
Management and General $261,766
Fundraising $471,940
Total Expenditures $2,480,677
Change in Net Assets $738,805
Net Assets, Beginning of Year $1,168,773
Net Assets, End of Year $1,907,578

Get the facts.

How much is Alzheimer’s costing the U.S.?
Who exactly is benefiting from the Alzheimer’s Association of Oklahoma?

Alzheimer's disease by the numbers.


Who is especially susceptible?

Women are at the epicenter of the Alzheimer’s epidemic with almost two-thirds of Americans with Alzheimer’s disease being women.
Women in their 60s are about 2 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s over the rest of their lives than breast cancer.
With more than 60% of Alzheimer’s and Dementia caregivers being women; we can’t afford to delay research.

So what’s next?


we will end Alzheimer’s for good –

Here’s how:

There are many ways to continue the momentum. Find your next steps below.

Committees, board and councils

Executive Committee

Jeff Cope

President of the Board

Jim Holman


Gregory Shaw

Development Chair

Susan Walker

Governance & Nominating Chair

Julie Sloan

Personnel Chair

David Murlette

Program Chair

Susan Dornblaser

Public Policy Chair

Board of Directors

Gale Bollinger

Justin Brown

Dennis Cameron

Alice Dahlgren

Rick Hadrava

David Hudiburg

Letitia Jackson

Christian Leikam

Herb Magley

Dr. William Orr

Erin Peters

Dr. Calin Prodan

Joe Ray

Dr. Chandini Sharma

J. Roy Smith

Lee Swarthout

Jim Webb

Paul Williams

Matt Wilson

Oklahoma City Leadership Council

Suzanne Baxter

Kenneth Benton

David Braly

Moya Cazares-Sealy

Karen Clanahan

Pat Crigler

Maggie Darcey

Chas Gilmore

Daniel Hayes

Levi Heard

Sally Hood

Bill Howse

Pat Mahoney

Kim Mitchell

Denise Palmer

Scott Parman

David Pasnau